Solution Series

Welcome to our Solution Series page, your gateway to discovering cutting-edge solutions in bariatric patient care. Explore a curated collection of vendor videos showcasing the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the field. From groundbreaking advancements to practical applications, these videos offer invaluable insights for healthcare professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve.

But that's not all - take your learning to the next level by meeting with these vendors and experiencing live demos firsthand! Join us at the 2024 National Bariatric Solutions Conference to connect with industry leaders, explore new products and services, and gain firsthand experience with the latest advancements in bariatric care.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your practice and enhance patient outcomes. Explore our Solution Series today and start your journey toward a brighter future in bariatric patient care.

MedCo Technology
Rescue Technology/Ruth Lee
TR Equipment
Amico GoLift
Guldmann Inc.
Turn Medical
The Patient Company
Seneca Devices
R2R Med Equip